→ The Macs Apple was selling in 1996

I thought it would be interesting to offer an overview of the Macintosh models Apple was selling in 1996 and make a few related observations. In a nutshell: there was some level of organisation in what many have called the chaos of Macs available back then, and despite the long list of Mac models, the families and form factors were just a few; one of the main causes that generated confusion in the Macintosh product line was the frequent rebranding, and the progressive meaninglessness of the Performa line as the consumer choice versus the Power Macintosh as synonymous of ‘Pro’ machine.

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2 thoughts on “→ The Macs Apple was selling in 1996

  1. Nice – I had completely forgotten so many 68k Macs were still being sold in 1996. A few small corrections:

    If you’re noting geographic distribution limitations, the Power Mac 8200 should also get a mention: it was not available in North America.

    Observation 5. You likely mean the 3400, not the 1400 – the 1400 was distinctly low-end and more of a replacement for the 190.

    Also likely adding to the chaos was that Mac clones were being sold around that period too, some of which shared architecture with Macs (such as the 9500 and 4400, which ISTR was actually a Motorola design that clone manufacturers used before Apple).

    Now to hopefully evict this knowledge from my brain in favor of something more relevant 🙂

  2. The PowerBook 1400 replaced both the 190cs and the 5300 line, and at the time of introduction it was the best laptop on offer. Even the slowest 1400cs at 117MHz was better than the 5300ce/117. For a brief period, the only laptops Apple was selling were the Duo 2300c and the 1400 line, which came in three configurations (decent/better/best): 117, 133 and the 166MHz machine which also had a better display. The 1400 became more low-end after the introduction of the 3400c in February 1997. (I didn’t include the 3400 because it wasn’t yet available in 1996.)

    Thank you very much for the feedback!


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