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I was looking for some SCSI-related information for an article I’m working on, and I stumbled upon a lovely website dedicated to the classic Mac OS: The Essential Mac. It’s like entering a time machine and being brought back to 1997, but definitely in a very good way. (Edited to add: The Essential Mac is actually a website that has been around since 1997, in case you’re wondering.)

I rarely feature other vintage Mac websites — my endorsement is usually made explicit by adding them to my blogroll on the sidebar, but The Essential Mac is worth a mention because it’s very well made. It covers a variety of topic in detail, it is organised like a beginner’s guide to the Mac (the pre-OS X Mac, of course), but most of all, it’s really well written. The writing style reminds me of those excellent printed manuals of the 1980s and 1990s: informative, concise, and a pleasure to read. Take a look at SCSI Voodoo, the section about the SCSI interface, to have an idea.

If you’re a Mac user who has no experience of what it was before Mac OS X, and who has just started exploring the world of vintage Macs maybe after scoring an old PowerBook for a few dollars, you’ll definitely want to check this site. And even if you’re an experienced or long-time Mac user, you’ll want to add The Essential Mac to your bookmarks to have a quick, useful classic Mac OS reference when you need one.


3 thoughts on “The Essential Mac

  1. Jasker — I knew that. The reason for the quotation marks was to emphasise it’s not a website dedicated to the Mac OS operating system in general (thus including Mac OS X) but only offers useful resources for the classic Mac OS. Anyway, I’ve edited the phrase to avoid possible ambiguity.


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