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I’ve been a huge supporter of the TenFourFox project since its inception. If you still use PowerPC Macs (G3, G4, G5) and you want to browse the Web with a modern, secure Web browser, you’d be a fool not to use TenFourFox. Go visit the site, you’ll find all the information you need to understand where TenFourFox comes from and where it’s headed.

When Cameron Kaiser — TenFourFox ‘founder’ and main developer — introduced me to this project, I proposed to contribute by creating a new icon. The default icon is fun and all, but I thought TenFourFox deserved something more descriptive and easily recognisable. Cameron liked my ideas, but politely declined and preferred to keep the original design. I kept my custom icon and have been applying it to subsequent TenFourFox updates ever since.

Now, with Cameron’s permission, I decided to make my custom icon available to the community, in case somebody else prefers to use a different icon than the canonical ‘Fox with a tiger tail behind the globe’. Here it is:


The two graphic elements composing this icon are both in the public domain, so I don’t think I have infringed any copyright here (I’ll be happy to pull the icon if proven wrong). You can download the 512×512 .icns file here.

To customise the icon, you can:

  1. copy the .icns file once downloaded,
  2. select the TenFourFox app in the Finder,
  3. select Get Info from the Finder menu (or press ⌘-I),
  4. in the Info panel, select the TenFourFox icon,
  5. paste (⌘-V) my .icns file over the original icon.

or you can rename my TenFourFox.icns file to firefox.icns and replace the original firefox.icns file located in TenFourFox.app/Contents/Resources. (You can get to the Contents folder by Ctrl-clicking or right-clicking the TenFourFox app icon).

Note that with this method you’ll only customise the TenFourFox app icon, not the original icon that appears in the welcome/search window inside the browser. But I’m sure the most tech-savvy users among you will find a way to customise every instance of the icon. (And I invite you to share that method in the comments section, thank you!)

I’m not a graphic designer, but I hope you’ll enjoy this little creative effort of mine. Long live TenFourFox!

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