A couple of vintage ads

While perusing some of the MacFormat UK and MacUser UK issues in my magazine archive (roughly encompassing the 1993-1999 period), I stumbled on some nice Apple ads I’d never seen before. They’re obviously minor ads, made to appear on magazines, and they’re not part of big worldwide campaigns such as Think Different, but still worthy of mention, I think. I’ve started scanning some and I wanted to share a couple of them now.

Stylewriter ad

I used to like this kind of product advertisement, with the main message in the centre, in the characteristic Apple Garamond typeface, and a few paragraphs of copy text, which usually explained the various qualities of the product in more detail.

You, a Mac, the world

What I love about this one is the “You, a Mac, the world” image at the bottom, with the three Picasso-style icons. With a more updated ‘Mac’ icon, it would still be a great logo for an ad campaign today.

I hope I’ll be able to provide more scans like these in the future.


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