Apple at a glance, May 1982

Thanks to a tweet by Jason Scott, I could download this beautiful 1982 Apple brochure from the Internet Archive, and I suggest you do the same if you love to have some bits from pre-Macintosh history.

The brochure is focused on one of the most short-lived machines in Apple’s history, the Apple ///. Here are a couple of images to tease you:

The Apple /// in all its glory

But even more impressive is this spread showing the available peripherals:

Look, sir, paddles!

The biggest gap between that computing era and our present time I think is best represented by another spread with a series of internal expansion cards which customers could purchase to achieve the most varied tasks. Two examples (the text is taken from the brochure):

  1. The Integer BASIC Firmware Card provides Apple II Plus users access to a variety of programs written in Integer BASIC. It contains hardware and software controls that allow it to electrically replace the existing Applesoft BASIC firmware in Apple II Plus computers.
  2. The Apple II Hobby/Prototyping Card and the Apple /// OEM Prototyping Card are modular-printed circuit cards on which you can build custom interfaces for the Apple II and the Apple ///. They accommodate most integrated circuits and components and have built-in facilities for attaching a variety of edge connectors and switches to your circuits.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, that big rectangular box under the monitor is a ProFile external hard drive, and had a whopping 5 MB (megabytes) of storage space… As I said, you should download this just to have an idea of Apple’s cutting-edge technology almost thirty years ago.


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