My new vintage mobile office

Since I acquired my first Newton in 2002 — an MP2000 with keyboard and various cards— and then an MP2100 in 2006, I’ve been looking for a proper case for it when I need to carry it around, take notes, and get a few things done. Over the years I’ve tried different solutions, bags, cases, even small backpacks, to accommodate my MessagePad and its keyboard. I had little success, though. Every solution was temporary or good enough to transport the Newton, but what I was really looking for was something more like the Calise Executive Case or the Newton MessagePad Keyboard Carrying Case — i.e. something that would let me use the MessagePad with its keyboard in a ‘laptop’ configuration, so that I could write fairly comfortably whenever I’d go.

I was rather excited, back in February, when someone on the LEM Swap List posted a ‘For Sale’ message with such Newton case, but when I contacted the seller I was disappointed in finding that somebody else beat me to it. A few days later, after venting my frustration on the NewtonTalk List, Paul Z. wrote me an email telling me he was willing to part with his MessagePad and Newton Keyboard Leather Carrying Case for the cost of shipping (to Europe). It was an instant deal, and the best $38 I’ve ever spent on a Newton accessory.

Paul has been a true gentleman. After a few emails, he sent me the case without waiting for me to pay him, and when I received the case I was quite pleased to find inside a stylus (the original stylus for the MP2000/2100, not the colourful plastic ones) and a spare screen cover door. Oh, and this sheet:

Newton Carrying Case sheet
Instructions for MessagePad and keyboard placement

This leather case, as you can see from the picture above, is bigger than the Calise and the other case I linked to. It’s basically a small briefcase, with a handle and a removable shoulder belt. Inside there are a lot of different compartments for documents, pens, etc. It looks quite elegant and luxurious (“Full Grain Genuine Leather” is written on the back). I can’t even imagine how much it cost back in the day when it was brand new.

Well, now I’m pleased to report I have my very own vintage mobile office.

Newton mobile office
Word processing is a breeze...

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