Classilla 9.2.2 released

Cameron Kaiser, in the announcement message on the Mac OS 9 List:

Classilla 9.2.2 is released, after much delay. As previously noted, this is a bugfix rollup only except for its big new feature, which is language packs. This version includes Japanese and German, and we’re planning for Italian with 9.3.0. If you are interested in becoming a translator, please see Classilla issue 151. Please treat the translations as “beta,” and a big thank-you to our community translators who worked very hard on them.

This version also includes several security fixes, including a patch revoking the notorious certificate set from the Comodo break-in (see issue 158), a fix for certain other SSL certificates, repairs for Script-B-Gone bugs, and several interface problems.

9.3.0 is the big one and I hope to have that ready for Q3, but this will hold the fort for now.

I am responsible for the Italian localisation, and it could not make to the 9.2.2 release due to an extensive review process that took more time than anticipated. There won’t be problems for release 9.3.0, though, and in the meantime I’ll probably take care of the Spanish localisation as well. Anyway, if you were worried about Classilla’s development, fear not: it is very much alive.


One thought on “Classilla 9.2.2 released

  1. Hey Riccardo, don’t worry, we’ll make it with 9.3. And everyone should consider that this translation work has to be done completely by hand. Several houdrets of text files!
    And thanks for MacOS 9 support at all! 9 year after the funeral, 7 years after the last mac with OS 9 was sold we are much stronger than expected. 😉

    Mathias (german Classilla translation)

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