Forgotten peripherals: Apple Color Plotter

Apple Color Plotter
Photo by Daniel Sczygelski

Sometimes, looking back at more than 30 years of Apple history, I marvel at the amount of different peripherals the company has produced. So I easily forgot that Apple also manufactured a small plotter in 1984, the Apple Color Plotter. What triggered my memory was a message on the LEM Swap List by Daniel Sczygelski, who was selling one a few days ago. He also provided a small photo gallery for those interested in buying it. The picture above is taken from that gallery. I email David and asked him if he minds sending me more photos, he replied he would, but I haven’t heard from him yet. If he sends more pictures, I’ll add them to this post.

I don’t know if his Apple Color Plotter is still for sale. The relevant bit of his announcement was this:

[…] It is a 4 pen unit. I even have some pens, although I am not sure how good they are after all these years. I used some Public Domain Apple II BASIC software to make pretty color overheads back in my college teacher days. I will include the software (on 5.25-inch Apple II disk) if you like. I have no real idea of what it is worth, although I remember paying a fair amount for it back in the day. I am open to offers starting at $100 with free shipping to CONUS.

You can contact him at laserski at gmail dot com

Amazingly, there is still an old entry on the Apple Color Plotter in the Apple Knowledge Base, detailing its technical specs.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten peripherals: Apple Color Plotter

  1. Wow! It’s the same chassis as the first ImageWriter. I’d love to get a hold of one of these, that would be a lot of fun. My dad had an HP plotter in the 80s that held maybe 5 or 6 pens–it looks like this is a single pen plotter.

  2. I have one that still works just fine. They hold 4 pens. I bought a driver program that I still use with Claris CAD to do simple plots. Let me know if you are interested in buying…

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