Just dormant

Just a quick update: no, System Folder has not been abandoned, it’s only dormant. I’m away from my home office and without interesting material to offer or talk about at the moment.

Vintage-Mac-wise, the only thing of note that happened during these August holidays was a sighting, a few days ago. A man, in a café, with a PowerBook G3 “Pismo”, browsing quietly. Cheers, mate, hope you enjoyed your cappuccino.

Also, I’d like to take the chance to briefly remind you — my dear fellow Vintage Mac nuts — that you should participate to my Classic Setup series. I thank all those who’ve sent their submissions so far (see Nicola, Sebastian and Luciano‘s setups), but I admit I’m quite underwhelmed by the interest this idea of mine has received. Remember, vintage Macs are still useful and deserve to be displayed. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Just dormant

  1. Underwhelming indeed, but not all of us have qualifying classic Macs. My seven year old 12″ PowerBook is in active daily use, in Tiger, and certainly feels quite old, but OS X is OS X.

  2. Agreed. I only have one Mac which qualifies; a Power Mac G3 B&W running Mac OS 9.2. Every other Mac I own that can boot a pre-OS X operating system is running Mac OS X v10.4, I’m afraid.

    (Well, I do also have an eMate 300, but two pieces of hardware isn’t really much to show off).

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