My Classic Setup: Sebastian P.

Right when I was considering my Classic Setup series a fiasco, I received a couple of emails that restored my hopes. Sebastian’s message was unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.

Sebastian P. is a 28-year old student living in Munich, Bavaria, and is passionate about vintage Macs.

Sebastian’s Setup

1. What does your desk look like?

Beware of the 36MB monster

Ain’t the desk just perfect for this 68k Mac? Antique desk – antique computer!

2. What is your vintage Mac setup?

It’s a Macintosh LCIII (68030/25MHz), with 36 MB RAM (maxed out) and an 80 MB hard drive.

3. Why are you using this setup?

Probably because of nostalgia, I grew up with this computer and it’s very dear to me.

4. What software do you use, and for what do you use it?

I use the fabulous Word 5.1 for writing business letters. After so many newer versions of MS Word I still consider this to be the best version ever. I also use my LC for Retro-gaming, bringing back memories of all those great games we used to play day and night during the nineties (Sim City 2000, Diamonds, Civilization and many many more). Right now I’ve been thinking of bringing my LC online to use it as an e-mail machine, but it’s not easy to come by the necessary hardware for a fair price. Also, I’m a bit disheartened by the fact that there is no up-to-date 68k Browser like Classilla. Any volunteers for a port?

One thing that always surprises me is how durable these old Macintosh computers are. This LCIII is about 16 years old and still running like the first day. Amazing. I’m not sure if my Intel iMac will make it even for the first ten years…

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