The importance of the LaserWriter

LaserWriterImage taken from Museum Victoria

Benj Edwards at has a very nice article celebrating the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the LaserWriter, Four reasons the LaserWriter mattered:

The $6,995 LaserWriter was part of a 1985 Apple marketing initiative christened the “Macintosh Office” that involved new network technology called AppleTalk, the  printer, a file server, and a high-end UNIX workstation. Critics soon called the Macintosh Office campaign a bust because Apple kept delaying the fileserver and workstation. (Ultimately, neither made it to market.)Apple pulled the plug on the Office campaign in late 1985, and critics soon forgot the episode. However, two office components—AppleTalk and LaserWriter—lived on and became successful products in their own right. In light of this 25th anniversary, here are four reasons why the LaserWriter mattered:

  1. It assured Apple’s graphic design dominance
  2. It launched PostScript—and Adobe
  3. It was the first network printer
  4. It empowered the little guy

The whole article is worth reading.

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