Grackle68k – Basic Classic twittering

I’ve just discovered a nice little project, Grackle68k, which is a very basic Twitter client that works under System 6 to Mac OS 9. ‘Very basic’ means you can send tweets in a text field after authenticating and that’s it. On powerful vintage Macs — those who can handle Web browsing in a decent way, I mean — the best experience is probably using the Twitter Web interface. But for those who managed to connect their Mac Plus, SE, SE/30 etc. to the Internet, Grackle68k should do the job.

For the record, I attempted to use it in an emulated Mac OS 9.0.4 session under SheepShaver, but when sending the test tweets I got a “400 Bad Request” error. I guess it’s better to try it on a real vintage Mac. Too bad none of my compact Macs has a network card. I’ll try it on my PowerBook 5300 with Mac OS 8.1.

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