A curious form of Mac evangelism

The “featured letter” of MacFormat’s Issue 63 [May 1998] is rather funny. It’s titled What in the (PC) world…?, and the reader indeed shows an ingenious, albeit complicated, form of promoting Macs:

I am always dismayed when I go to our local PC World computer superstore by the lack of things Apple, and the fact that the only two Macs on display are always tucked away in a corner and ignored. So this is what I’ve taken to doing…

First, I take time to go through all the Control Panels to set things up correctly on each Mac, including turning the speaker volume up to full. Then I find the SimpleText application and open it. I type something like: Apple Macs are the world's best computers; ask for them by name. Apple Macs -- designed by geniuses, marketed by morons! I then select all, copy it, paste it five times; and select all again, copy, paste five times; and go back and repeat it again and again. In just a matter of seconds I have over 250 copies of the phrases. Next I make the window quite small and invoke the “WindowShade” feature to roll the window up into a tiny title bar. I can then position it right down by the Trash can, sticking off the edge of the Desktop. This is repeated on the other Mac, too.

All that’s left to do is select all the text and, after a quick tour of the store, come back and press Command-J (“Speak Selection”) and walk away. Just a glance over the shoulder before leaving the store and you’ll see salespeople wondering what’s going on!

Another way you can annoy them is…

Peter Bell
United Kingdom

The letter is interrupted, probably edited by the MacFormat editorial staff. Their answer, in fact, is: We’d just like to say that all the opinions expressed on this page are those of the writers, not necessarily those of MacFormat or Future Publishing Ltd, and we cannot possibly condone hooliganism or endorse the commission of pranks. Just thought we’d make that clear.

But where is their sense of humour?! Heh, probably in choosing this letter as the “featured letter”, thus granting the guy a prize. For this issue it’s a Pace 56K Voice modem and a year’s Internet access account with leading service provider Direct Connection. (Apparently a worthy prize, by the way: This great prize is worth over £300 and comes courtesy of Direct Connection.)

Probably the letter was picked at random — I can’t help but pointing out the irony of not “condoning hooliganism or endorsing the commission of pranks” yet granting the reader a £300 prize…

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