Tip from the past: Removing Finder quirks

Another ResEdit-related tip!

Taken from MacUser, June 10, 1994 issue. At that time, MacUser magazine used to keep a Help section titled Quick Tips, where Peter Jackson published tips and tricks from the readers. This tip is from Donald McLintock from Oxford.

When I switched from System 7.0.1 to System 7.1, I found that the Finder had reverted to some bad habits. The Window zoom animation and the delay before an icon name can be changed after clicking on it, which I had removed from my old System using the SevenFor7 utility, were back. And the same utility did not work on System 7.1, presumably because the new Finder stores data in different places.

However, you can use ResEdit to get rid of these quirks. To remove the zoom rectangles, open a copy of the Finder in ResEdit and open the CODE resource with ID 4. At offset 78 you will find the sequence 48E7 1F38 — you can search for this sequence to find the right one. Change this to 6000 00E6, and the rectangles will be gone.

Similarly, the icon-naming delay can be removed by opening CODE resource 11 and changing the 5DC0 sequence at offset A34 to 50C0.


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