Spotlight is overrated

Spotlight is undoubtedly a powerful search technology, but I don’t know how much faster it is compared to the erstwhile Find command. In my home network I have temporarily added my old PowerBook 5300 with Mac OS 8.1, and since I needed to transfer some files from the PowerBook G4 Titanium, I mounted the entire volume on the 5300’s desktop, connecting the two Macs via Ethernet (not directly, but through a switch). I was looking for a file on the TiBook volume, but instead of searching it on the TiBook with Spotlight, I wanted to try one little thing: searching it via the Find command on the PowerBook 5300. The TiBook volume is 40 GB, and of course the Find command in Mac OS 8.1 doesn’t know about indexing — it’s search-as-you-go, so to speak. Well, search took 5 seconds. I say I’m quite impressed.


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