Back in the nick of time

Let’s start with a photo:

Macintosh 128K rear label
Macintosh 128K rear label

Just to understand where I come from. Well, this wasn’t exactly the first Mac I used — those were a SE (with two floppy drives, no hard drive) and a Plus. This Original Macintosh 128K was given to me as a gift, but “as is”, that is, it’s not functioning. All the parts inside are OK, save for the Power/Sweep Board (part 661-76214, see picture below), which needs to be desoldered from the CRT monitor, and replaced with a working one. The person who donated this Mac to me has generously given me a new one. Too bad I haven’t got a soldering iron. At the moment this Mac is lying disassembled in ‘the Vault’. The case is in incredible shape, and I also managed to acquire a mouse (the keyboard was included in the gift, although it’s the Macintosh Plus keyboard with a numeric keypad — but I’m not picky!).

Macintosh 128K-512K exploded view
Macintosh 128K-512K exploded view

This blog, whose tagline is “The Platinum Days”, wants to be a personal space where I occasionally post my ramblings about the pre-Mac OS X era. The vintage angle here doesn’t want to be just a corner for nostalgia or a collectors’ club where one talks about “the good old times”. Rather, the focus is utility, and what vintage Macs can still do today. Like vintage cars, they can still hit the road, sometimes with unsurpassed elegance.

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